Magic the Gathering Upcoming Release: Masters 25

Masters 25 is a Limited Edition Magic the Gathering set, Celebrating the game’s 25th Anniversary. The set takes you on an exciting journey across the sets which have shaped the first 25 years of the World’s most popular card game! It consists of  is made of 249 cards and like other Masters Editions, it promises a lot of value, and includes cards which are usually harder to find.

A unique feature of this set is that all cards released in this set (except planeswalkers) will have their original set symbol watermarked in the text box.

The cards from the Masters 25 Edition are legal in various Magic the Gathering Formats including Vintage; Legacy; Modern; Commander etc.

Pre-orders are currently open and will be accepted until 1 week prior to release. Hurry Up! because stock is limited!

Masters 25 will be available for sale on March 15th.