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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a tabletop wargame released by Games Workshop in 2015.

It is set in the New Age following the events of the “End Times” which brought about the (almost) total destruction of the Warhammer World and in which many powerful armies and heroes lost their lives. The main setting for this new age are the Realms of Man which, unlike the old world, are a set of eight planes connected via “Realmgates”. The time of peace following the “End Times” was short lived as once again, mortal civilisations are faced with the threat of Chaos who, led by Archaon, have manged to dominate seven of the eight realms!

The last stronghold of hope is Sigmar’s Realm itself, known as Azyr! Angered at the continuous destruction brought about by the Chaos Gods; Sigmar creates the Stormcast Eternals, mighty warriors powerful enough to match the forces of the Dark Gods! The fight is on once again….who will emerge victorious in this age of unending war, and most importantly, which side shall YOU pick!


You can find the basic rules for playing a Game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar here.