A Couple of Reforms at Forbidden Power

Hello Everyone!

Following a series of discussions with the local MTG Community, on the official Facebook Page and a Satisfaction Survey also launched via Facebook, last week we had an internal meeting at Forbidden Power where we discussed the outcomes of the MTG Community Survey, and the way forward. We are very happy with the way the meeting turned out and here we are ready to announce the following changes:


This was one of the main requests brought forward in many of the discussions. Many rightfully argued that they do not visit the store since the store is closed by the time they finish working. There is little to say here except, They (you) are right! With the current opening hours it is difficult for someone who finishes work at 1700h to come to the store and make the most of it, let alone for those of who finish later. That is why, we have decided to extend the opening hours on some days in order to try and better accommodate everyone’s availabilities.

Starting this week, the store’s opening hours will be as follows:

– Monday: 0930h – 1900h
– Tuesday: 0930h – 1900h
– Wednesday: 0930h – 1900h
– Thursday: 0930h – 2300h
– Friday: 0930h – 2300h
– Saturday: 0930h – 2000h
– Sunday: 1000h – 1700h

As you can see we are extending the opening hours for Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, irrespective of whether there are events being held or not! This should encourage more players to visit the store, even if it is just to play casual games and/or socialize. We shall be keeping a close eye on the activity taking place at the store, and we will be revisiting the store’s opening hours accordingly. It is needless to say that the hours will be reverted to the old closing times should we see lack of interest/activity (so make the most of it ):). If the outcome is positive, in the future we shall do our best to extend the opening hours on other days of the week.


Another aspect which was prominent in the survey and discussion was the issue of pricing. Whilst we do have offers in place for those who would like to purchase booster packs in bulk, we figured that the pricing might not be so appealing to those who would like to buy less packs. Therefore we decided to revise booster prices and as of this week MTG boosters at Forbidden Power will be sold as follows:

– 1 Booster Pack: €3.50
– 5+ Booster Packs: €3.00 each
– 36 Booster Packs (1 Display): €95

The above prices will be applied to all MTG non-Masters booster packs sold at the store.

We hope you appreciate these changes as much as we are happy to announce them. Whilst it might seem easy to rectify situations from the outside, it is not! It is very difficult to keep a healthy balance between Forbidden Power as a Community and Forbidden Power as a Business, as certain decisions may have repercussions in the long run. However, we will always do our best to try and meet your needs and expectations in the best way possible.

Thank you all for your constant loyalty and support.