The following are the lists of the players participating in the  WH40K 2021 League.

Rules pack

Seeing that the number of players who actually committed to participate in the Escalation league is much smaller than the bookings we decided to change the way the event will be held/decided.  The event will no longer be comprised of multiple phases. There will be 1 phase at 750 points and the winner for the phase will receive the prize as listed below.

There are a total of 15 committed players. These will be divided into 2 groups as follows:

Group 1 (click on the names to view armylist)

Group 2 (click on the names to view armylist)

Players are to play a game against each member of their group by not later than April 29th. The players who obtain most points will win their specific group. The winner of each group will then face each other to determine the winner of the WH 40k league.  The same scoring system as described in the Escalation League rules pack provided above will be adopted.


  • Winner: Store Credit Voucher – EUR 80
  • Runner Up: Store Credit Vocher – EUR 40