The Hour of Devastation is upon us! – What’s up next for MTG Events in Malta?

Pre-release is over, and the long awaited Hour of Devastation has descended on the Maltese Islands! Amidst the devastation caused by the return of the God Pharaoh 3 champions emerged victorious last weekend, one for each pre-release event! A big well done goes to Luke Vassallo, Ismael Lovegrove and Daniel Molla Camilleri for winning a pre-release event each. A huge thank you goes to all of you who took part in the events and to Eric Calleja for running an entire weekend of Magic! This time round we had a number of new players attending the events! To anyone of these new players who are reading this article, “welcome to the community, we hope to see more of you in upcoming events! Please do not be shy, feel free to ask for help whenever you need it! After all you are the future of the community! All events which follow the pre-release are designed specifically for you, to help you get deeper into the game”. The battle against Bolas does not end with the Pre-Release! Here is a list of upcoming events:

1. Hour of Devastation – Draft Weekend Saturday 15th an d Sunday 16th July

Draft weekend celebrates the official launch of Hour of Devastation. It will consist of a number of back to back booster drafts starting at 1400h on Saturday and at 1000h on Sunday. Each Draft will cost EUR15 and will have prizes for the top 4 players. All players taking part in any of the events will receive an exclusive art foil promo: Ramunap Excavator!

2. Hour of Devastation – Magic League

Following the Official Release and starting on Wednesday 19th July is the Hour of Devastation Magic League. This is the third time we are hosting this event! The best thing about it is that it is technically free of charge. The only costs for participation are the costs for the boosters you need in order to create your deck, and the best thing about this is that boosters are sold at a reduced price of EUR3 for the purposes of the League. Moreover anyone who participates will receive a free deck box, check out the poster for more details.

3. Hour of Devastation – Game Day

Game day events are the Constructed side of a release celebration. As is customary with each release we hold 2 Standard events in which players get to test their skills using Standard Constructed decks, hoping to win one of the 2 exclusive Gameday Playmats, and exclusive full art promos. Participation fee for Gameday events is EUR 12 and apart from the promos and playmats, there is a prize pool of 3 Booster packs per participant, distributed according to a fixed chart which can be found in the Events listing on this page. So what are you waiting for, start building those Standard Decks!

4. Standard Showdown – 22.07.2017 – 09-10.2017

Yet another series of free events! Once you have constructed your Standard decks it would be a pity not to use them! Enter Standard Showdown events, which are Standard Constructed events which are free of charge and offer unique 4 card booster packs as prizes. Prizes in standard showdown are given to the winners of each event and to anyone who returns form one week to another, and/or brings a friend. Standard Showdown events are held every week on Sundays in the dates shown above!

5. Constructed Saturdays – Every Saturday!

These have become a local favourite! With a fee of EUR7 and a prize pool of 2 packs per player distributed amongst top 8, these events are true value for money. Saturday Constructed events are either Modern or standard, depending on your preferenced. These are discontinued when there are official WPN events and resume as soon as such events are completed. Make sure to keep an eye open on the page for more information about these!

As you can see we are constantly offering events, giving you a bunch of opportunities to enjoy your favourite game! It is up to you to select which to attend!