Malta Player Points are awarded to top 8 finishers in any tournament. Points are awarded as follows:

Tournament Type:
Casual Open Tournaments*
Tournament Type:
National Tournaments
Tournament Type:
Pre-Releases/ Game-Days**
Tournament Type: PPTQs/ GPT Trials/ WMCQsTournament Type:
FNM (Draft + Standard+ Commander)
1st Place - 10 Points
2nd Place - 7 Points
3rd Place - 6 Points
4th Place - 5 Points
5th Place - 4 Points
6th Place - 3 Points
7th Place - 2 Points
8th Place - 1 Point
1st Place - 100 Points
2nd Place - 50 Points
3rd Place - 40 Points
4th Place - 30 Points
5th Place - 20 Points
6th-8th Place - 10 Points
1st Place - 20 Points
2nd Place - 14 Points
3rd Place - 12 Points
4th Place - 10 Points
5th Place - 8 Points
6th Place - 6 Points
7th Place - 4 Points
8th Place - 2 Points
1st Place - 30 Points
2nd Place - 24 Points
3rd Place - 22 Points
4th Place - 20 Points
5th Place - 18 Points
6th Place - 16 Points
7th Place - 14 Points
8th Place - 12 Points
1st Place - 3 Points
2nd Place - 2 Points
3rd Place - 1 Point

*In case of a less than 15 player Turnout only Half the points (rounded up) will be given and only to the top 4
**In case of a Less than 25 player Turnout only Half the points will be given

Invitational Tournament Info 
Fee:Free of Charge (by Invitation*)
Date:End of MTG Season
Format:Mixed: Standard/ Modern/ Draft - not fixed. May vary from one year to another
Structure:Day 1 - Standard and Draft
Number of players:24
Entry:Invitational Champion (Auto Entry)

23 from tournaments throughout the year , Including Friday Night Magic Events, according to the rankings generated by the MPP system explained above
Prizes:1. Trophy
2. TBD -These are determined by the number of Tournaments held Throughout the year ( a percentage from the feeof every tournament goes towards the invitationals prize pool).

Prizes can be redeemed in:
1. Booster Packs
2. Store Credit
3. MCM Credit (for Single Cards)
4. Credit for Flight (GP/ RPTQ attendance)

Confirmation of attendance (or otherwise) needs to be submitted a week prior to the event so as to give FP officials enough time to contact the next player in line. Last minute changes to the list (especially on the day of the event) will not be allowed. If players do not show up on the day of the event, the spot will be left vacant.* If for any reason, players from the top 24 cannot make it to the event, the next player in line will be called for the tournament.


Player Name and SurnameTotal Points
Duncan Lee Spiteri32
Ayrton Micalef43
Ryan Dyer24
Ismael Lovegrove20
Carlos Zammit20
Guillaume Berquin20
William Healey19
Luke Vassallo16
Jurgen Grech17
Steven Abela15
Alessio Lin14
Marshall Mallia14
Duncan Fleri12
Darryl Cassar13
Daniel Camilleri15
Bryan Scicluna9
Brandon Sasha Spiteri13
Josef Pollacco11
Daniel Chetcuti16
Merkel Jan Mortz8
Simon Bugeja8
Ryan Farrugia Sladden6
Franklin Balzan15
Adam Brincat16
Nicholas Bianco9
Liam Bondin9
Jason Spiteri2
Adrian Camilleri2
Marcus Camilleri1
Michael Farrugia4
Wayne Azzopardi1
Roderick Galea3
Tiziano Ostigoni9
Glen Steer5
Charles Vilette2
Jean Claude Sladden4