The Magic the Gathering (MTG) Invitationals Tournament is a yearly exclusive event organized by Forbidden Power, to reward MTG players for their loyalty towards MTG and the Store. It is entirely free of charge and has the largest prize pool amongst all tournaments organized throughout the year. The event features the local community’s favourite formats namely Standard and Modern.

As of 2018 the event is in part sponsored by  as described in the prizes section below!

In order to participate in this event, players have to obtain an invite by winning one of the various qualifying events held throughout the year.


The Invitationals Tournament is a 2 day, multiple format, event. It consists of 9 rounds, (6 Modern, 3 Standard) followed by a cut-off to top 8 Modern. Each Match in the top 8 will be best out of 5 with 2 games pre sideboard, and 3 games post sideboard.

Day 1

  • Noon: Earliest Deck Registration
  • 1300h: first of 6 Rounds Modern

Day 2

  • 1000h: first of 3 Rounds Standard
  • Top 8 Modern (best of 5)


The Invitationals Tournament has 2 sets of Prizes:

  • One Kindly Sponsored By Cardmarket: 
    • This is comprised of a set of Vouchers for a total of EUR 60 redeemable from Cardmarket. These will be distribtued amongst the top 2 players. This prize is fixed as long as Cardmarket keep sponsoring the event

  • One Issued by Forbidden Power 
    • This is based on the number of events held throughout the year and the overall participation in these events. This means that the totals for this event may vary from one year to another.

The Prizes issued by Forbidden Power for last year’s Invitationals Tournament were as follows:

  • 1st – EUR 175 Voucher* + Trophy + Invite to next year’s Invitationals
  • 2nd – EUR 125 Voucher* + Trophy
  • 3rd – EUR 50 Voucher* + Trophy
  • 4th – EUR 50 Voucher*
  • 5th – EUR 25 Voucher*
  • 6th – EUR 25 Voucher*
  • 7th – EUR 25 Voucher*
  • 8th – EUR 25 Voucher*

*Vouchers are redeemable in any of the following:

  • Purchasing of Store Products
  • Purchasing of Flight Vouchers (for Participation in offshore MTG related events)
  • Purchasing of MTG Singles


The store reserves the right to change the prize pay-out from year to year. Changes in prizes will be duly communicated.


 NameSurname Rank in EventEventEvent Format
1MarshalMallia1stPre-Release Rivals of IxalanLimited: Sealed
2Ryan Dyer2ndInvitationals 2017 18Constructed: Modern/ Standard
3AyrtonMicallef1stRivals of Ixalan Store ChampionshipConstructed: Standard
4WilliamHealey1stPre-Release DominariaLimited: Sealed
5AndreaCaruana2nd Preliminary Pro Tour QualifierConstructed: Standard
6TizianoOstigoni2ndMediterranean Gaming WeekConstructed: Modern
7IsmaelLovegrove1stPauper LeagueConstructed: Pauper
8Duncan LeeSpiteri1stIn store Championship: DominariaConstructed: Standard
9Luke Vassallo1st Core Set Pre ReleaseLimited: Sealed
10Adam Brincat1stNationalsMixed: Constructed + Limited
11Nicholas Bianco1stIn Store ChampionshipConstructed: Standard
12Daniel Camilleri1stGuilds of Ravnica Pre ReleaseLimited: Sealed
13JasonSpiteri1stPre-Release Ravnica AllegianceLimited: Sealed
14WayneAzzopardi1stPre-Release Ravnica AllegianceLimited: Sealed


In order to obtain an invite, players will have to win a Qualifying Event (Qualifier) from the ones held throughout the year. A total of 15 Qualifiers are held throughout the year… A Qualifier is a normal MTG event which also carries an invite to the Invitationals as part of its prize pool. The following is the list of events which are used as qualifiers:

Invitationals (the winner of the Invitationals will be automatically invited next year’s event)

  • Pre –Release Weekends – Invite will be given to the player who manages to win the event with most participants
  • Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers;
  • Nationals;
  • On-going Leagues;
  • In-Store Championships;
  • Invitationals Qualifiers.

The invite will be included in the  prize section of the event description of each of the above. Kindly visit the Events Page for more info on the upcoming events.

No additional charges apply to the fees of qualifying events.


The main rule is that Invites are non-transferable! However, there is an exception to every rule, and in this case we have 2.

Invites can only be transferred from one player to another in 2 instances:

  • 1. the winner of the invite already owns an invite from a previous qualifier
  • 2. the owner of the invite cannot commit to the Invitationals or is not interested in participating in the event (usually happens closer to the date of the Invitationals event)

1. The winner of the invite already owns an invite from a previous qualifier

In this instance, the transfer of the invite to a second player is automatic. Once the qualifier is over and the standings are issued, the invite will be automatically passed on to the next ranked player in that same qualifier, who does not already own an invite.

2. The owner of the invite cannot commit to the Invitationals

In this case, invites can only be transferred from one player to another via the setting up of a new Qualifier. Players who win an invite cannot decide to transfer (or sell) their invite personally to another player, instead should they decide that they do not want the invite (for some reason or another), they will be required to return it to the shop who will then make it available for grabs via a new qualifier.
These extra Qualifiers will be free of charge and will be open to players who would like to participate in the Invitationals, but do not own an invite yet. The winner of the extra qualifier will receive the invite and will be allowed entry to the Invitationals.