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Point Limit: 2000 points

Rules and restrictions:

  • Armies are to be built following the rules and restrictions outlined in the General’s Handbook: Matched Play Section (latest Version).

Unit Selection:

Only Units with a pitched battle profile in any of the following sources may be included within an army for the purposes of this tournament:


Army List Document Preparation and Submission

The Army list/Roster should include:

  • Player’s Name and Surname
  • Army Selected
  • Allegiances
  • Units Entries showing all selected upgrades


Tables and Terrain

All battles will be decided on 6’x4′ tables with terrain rules and restrictions as indicated in the General’s Handbook 2017.


  • Matches will be un-timed, however players should try to complete matches in 2hrs 30 mins max. This will serve as good training in view of 1 day events.

 Battle Plans

The following Battle plans will be used in this league:

  • Knife to the heart,
  • Battle for the Pass
  • Starstrike
  • Scorched Earth

The Battle plans will be randomly generated by the Tournament Organisers prior the start of the event, following registration and the start of the event.


Once registration is complete; Players will be randomly divided into a number of  groups depending on the number of participants.

Players will have to play a match against each other player in their group.

Players will have six weeks to play their games. It is the players’ responsibility to contact other players in their group in order to set up matches.

The top 2 players of each group will then be paired against each other to play single elimination matches and determine the winner of the event.

 Determining the Winner

Matches will be scored as follows. The criteria for obtaining a Major or Minor win are as described in the General’s Handbook:

  • Major Win: 20 Tournament Points
  • Minor Win: 13 Tournament Points
  • Draw: 10 Tournament Points
  • Minor Loss: 7  Tournament Points
  • Major Loss: 0 Tournament Points

At the end of the Group Rounds; when determining the winner who will move on to the single elimination rounds; the Tournament points gathered by each player from his/her games will be summed to his scores achieved in other areas related to the hobby. The Subdivision will be as follows

  • 70% Gameplay (Tournament Points)
  • 30% Creativity/Hobby points (painting; sportsmanship; bases etc.)

In the single elimination rounds and the final; only points pertaining to Gameplay shall apply.



  • Horizontally – base to base – All distances will be measured using the Models’ bases as the reference point.
  • Objectives Proximity – Distance to Objectives will be measured from the Objective’s Centre.

Line of Sight

  • To determine whether a model is visible – When measuring vertically for line of sight purposes to determine whether a model is visible kindly consider the models’ head; chest; arms and legs; and Mount. Wings; weapons and banners or similar should be ignored.
  • To trace visibility for ranged attacks purposes – Line of sight for ranged attacks purposes should be traced from the model’s head and chest. Wings; weapons and banners or similar should be ignored.

Army Specific Scenery

  • Army specific scenery (Sylvaneth Wildwood; Feculent Gnarlmaw; Herdstone; Gravesites etc.) cannot be placed anywhere within a 3” radius of an Objective. This is done to prevent players from zoning off objective markers.
  • Legions of Nagash Gravesites: With regards to sizes of the Gravesites, all distances involving Gravesites will be measured from the center of the marker. We certainly encourage creativity, however, please bring flat markers on the same base sizes if you choose to create your own. Remember these are not terrain features, and as such can be moved upon, do not block line of sight, or targeted by abilities that affect terrain.

Miniature Selection/Proxying/ basing

  • New vs Old Miniatures (Monsters – size matters!)
    • In cases where there are multiple (official – i.e. GW releases) models to represent a specific character, monster or unit, and the model size and base size do not match, the latest sizes will be considered official for all intents and purposes.
    • An older model size is legal only if a newer version hasn’t been released (e.g. Keeper of secrets)
    • A model must always have the correct base size. The correct base size is the base size which is included in the box with the latest version of the miniature.
    • In the cases of players wishing to field multiple models which fall in this category (e.g. 2x Great Unclean Ones / Bloodthirstersetc.) they may do so as long as they are placed on the correct base size and the player has at least one model with the latest version available for line of sight purposes.
    • In case of any queries kindly contact the event organisers prior to the event. 
  • Converted & Count As Models – Players wishing to include converted and/or count-as models are to post them online on the Facebook Group seeking the general approval of the Community. Models are to be posted online with enough time for the general public to vote on them an determine whether they are acceptable as replacement to the original models.
  • Base Shape – All models should be represented by a Round Base. Players wishing to play with square bases must prepare base converters and attach (temporarily) them to the bases of their miniatures. Base convertors can be easily made using cardboard cutouts. Players will be awarded Tournament points for the appropriate base shape.
  • Correct Base Size – All models must have the correct base size, as listed on the GW website. The correct base size is the base size which is included in the box with the latest version of the miniature. Again when in doubt, kindly ask the event organisers prior to the event.
  • Empty Bases – Units cannot be represented by an empty base.
  • Proxying Units – Proxying is not allowed. A player will be allowed to use a model instead of another only if s/he had his model approved as per the Converted & Count As Models rule above.
  • Proxying Weapons – Whilst we encourage players to use WYSIWYG rule (What You See Is What You Get) for their armies players will be allowed to proxy weapons so long as the mundane/basic equipment of every unit is made clear to the opponent at the start of the game.

Dice Rules

  • At the start of the game both players agree on which set(s) of dice to be used & players may decide to use one set of dice or both.
  • If your opponent feels discomfort about your dice (too big / too custom made / unreadable) then both players should agree on one set of dice to use.
  • A player CANNOT deny his/her opponent the right to roll a particular dice from the player’s set.
  • Rules that cause you to roll multiple dice at the same (2ds, 3d6 etc) time for example leadership tests must be thrown at the same time, dice cannot be thrown separately.