Standard Showdown: Rivals of Ixalan

Event details

  • Sunday | March 4, 2018
  • 11:00 am
  • Forbidden Power, Triq Misrah il-Barrieri, Msida
  • 21 227 999

Standard Showdown events are meant for the less experienced players, although players of all levels may participate.

Given the low competitive level, it is the best place to try out your personal Standard Deck brew or test out card interactions in view of more competitive events.

Standard Showdown events are considered gateway events, targeting the newer players and thus helping them to enter the world of competitive Magic, at a slower pace. They are weekly events, held  every Sunday, and are are completely free of charge.

Standard Showdown events are officially Sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast and offer special prizes and prize schemes as detailed below.

Being official events, they also grant planeswalker points with a 2x multiplier (click here for more info)

Each Standard Showdown Event requires a minimum of 8 players and will have a minimum of 3 rounds.

Some more information on the Event
  • Fee: Free of Charge
  • Format: Standard
  • Minimum Participants: 8
  • Planeswalker points: 2x multiplier
Prize Allocation
  • Special Standard Showdown Booster packs* (Distributed as shown below)






  • Standard Showdown Booster packs are packs created especially for Standard Showdown.
  • These are not available for sale over the counter.
Each Pack Contains:

 1x Premium Foil Card form a Standard Legal Set (card list)

 1x Premium Foil Land featuring art from Rebecca Guay       

 2x Rares and/or Mythic Rares from a Standard Legal Set    


Prize Distribution
  • 1x Booster pack for the Undefeated Players
  • 1x Booster pack for whoever brings along a friend (new or returning to MTG)
  • 1x Booster pack to anyone returning to Standard Showdown from the previous week