Magic the Gathering: Pre Release (Dominaria) (Saturday 1400h)

Event details

  • Saturday | April 21, 2018
  • 2:00 pm
  • Forbidden Power, Triq Misrah il-Barrieri, Msida
  • 21 227 999

With the Release of every new Magic the Gathering set, players are given the opportunity to test their skills using the new cards, a week prior to their official launch.

The format for a Pre-Release Event is called Sealed Deck, this means that you will get to play with the cards you open from sealed mtg product you purchase on the day! Upon payment of the entry fee, you will be given a pre-release pack containing 6 booster packs of the new edition. You will then have to crack the packs, sort the cards, select the best ones and build a minimum 40 card deck with which to battle your way to victory.

Here is a video which can better explain what a Pre-Release is all About:

Pre Releases are the most popular MTG events locally and are surely the best way to Celebrate the launching of a new set. In Malta we organise 3 Pre-Release events in total for every new set as follows:

  • Saturday at Midnight
  • Saturday at 1400h
  • Sunday at 1000am

You can participate in as many of these events as you like. The store offers special offers to anyone who participates in all three events, read more below.

Further Details on the Event
  • Fee: €25 (per event)
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Players who register for all three Pre Release events will receive a €10 discount off the third pre-release entry fee and a free pack of sleeves!!
Prize Pool
  • 2x Booster Packs per Player - Distributed on the day depending on the number of players.
  • Each player will recieve a minimum of 1x Booster Pack if s/he manages to Win 3 rounds.
  • Invite to Malta Invitationals Tournament – Given to the Winner of the Pre-Release event with the highest number participants during Pre Release Weekends.