Magic Open House

Event details

  • Saturday | April 14, 2018
  • 9:00 am
  • Forbidden Power, Triq Misrah il-Barrieri, Msida
  • +356 21 227 999

Magic Open House is an event specifically designed for new and/or returning Magic the Gathering players; or for players who would like to introduce a friend to the game. In fact; Magic Open House is the best place to Learn and/or Teach Magic the Gathering!


It is completely free of charge and it is open to anyone with the slightest interest in Magic the Gathering.


What Happens at a Magic the Gathering Open house Event?

Open house events are all about the Community and the induction of new players which is very important for

If you are a new Player you will:
  • be provided with a free 60 card Welcome deck;
  • receive an Exclusive Premium foil Full Art Promo Card from the upcoming MTG set;
  • be guided on how to become an official Magic the Gathering Player by setting up a DCI;
  • be introduced to the current MTG community.
If you are an established player you will:
  • Get the opportunity to participate actively in the fostering of a larger MTG Community
  • Help Forbidden Power Staff in teaching new players and Introducing them to the Community
  • Receive a the same Full art Promo card given to new players, if you brought a friend* to the event and/or assisted with  

*The friend needs to be a new and/or returning player to MTG; and must register for a DCI (in case of a new player)

Magic Open House: Dominaria – Promo

The Dominaria Magic Open House promo is a cool Premium Foil Full Art Llanowar Elves! 

Image result for llanowar elves promo