Modern/Standard Super Tournament (2 day) at The Mediterranean Gaming Week

Event details

  • Friday | July 21, 2018 to Saturday | July 21, 2018
  • 11:00 pm
  • Event: Grand Hotel Excelsior, Great Siege Road, Floriana FRN1810 Tickets: Forbidden Power, Triq Misrah il-barrieri, Msida
  • 21 227 999



The Mediterranean Gaming Week is an eight day festival (and a few activities before that!) exclusively dedicated to games and gaming in Malta. It will be hosted from Sunday 15th to Sunday 22nd July, 2018. There will be several seminars concerning many areas of gaming and party-games at various locations.

Activities will be held at 12 venues, including Forbidden Power and a number of other entities who related to various aspects of gaming. The most important event, and the one which we would like you to participate in, is a 2-day gaming extravaganza at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta. This will be held on the 21st and 22nd of July and will be closing-off the events of the Gaming Week.


As part of the 2 day Gaming Extravaganza weekend at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, we shall be organising a 2 day Modern/ Standard Tournament. Kindly find the details below:

  • Date: 21st & 22nd July 2018
  • Time: 9.00am
  • Format: Mixed - 6 rounds Modern - 6 rounds Standard
  • Top 8 Modern
  • Fee – EUR 12*

Players will need to buy tickets ahead of the event. Tickets are available from Forbidden Power. The event ticket will give holders access to the venue and the event!

* Please note that this special special price is applicable only to MTG Tournament Participants thanks to a sponsorship by Forbidden Power. The offer does not extend to any other entries or participants.

Event Structure

The event consists of 9 rounds, (6 Modern, 3 Standard) followed by a cut-off to top 8 Modern. Each Match in the top 8 will be best out of 5 with 2 games pre-sideboard, and 3 games post sideboard.

Day 1

  • 0900h: Earliest Deck Registration
  • 1000h: first of 6 Rounds Modern

 Day 2

  • 1000h: first of 3 Rounds Standard
  • Top 8 Modern (best of 5)

Each round will be 50 minutes long and the winner of the best out of 3 games will win the round.

A short break will be allowed between each round to give time to the judge to input results and issue pairings for the next round.

All players will play 9 rounds: 6 rounds Modern; 3 Round Standard. The top 8 players from these first 9 rounds will pass to the final phase of the Event – Top 8 Single Elimination rounds.

Each Match in the top 8 will be best out of 5 with 2 games pre sideboard, and 3 games post sideboard.


Booster Prize: The prize pool will comprise of 3x Booster packs per player distributed as per the official Prize Distribution Chart below

Invite to the Annual Invitationals Tournament 2018: 

The player who places first will receive an invite to the – the Annual Invitationals Tournament 2018. Participation in this event is only available by winning an invite from one of the events held throughout the year. More information on this even can be found here.

Invite to Nationals 2018

The winner of the event will receive a voucher to participate in the MTG Nationals Championship (if s/he has the requirements set by the WPN)


Constructed Tournaments (Own Decks)Total 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th
8 players @ EUR 132411733
9 players @ EUR 13271183311
10 players @ EUR 1330128331111
11 players @ EUR 1333149331111
12 players @ EUR 1336149541111
13 players @ EUR 13391610541111
14 players @ EUR 13421711551111
15 players @ EUR 13451813551111
16 players @ EUR 13481913661111
17 players @ EUR 13512014761111
18 players @ EUR 13542115771111
19 players @ EUR 13572215772211
20 players @ EUR 13602316872211
21 players @ EUR 13632417882211
22 players @ EUR 13662618882211
23 players @ EUR 13692718882222
24 players @ EUR 13722819883322
25 players @ EUR 13752819883333
26 players @ EUR 13782919993333
27 players @ EUR 138131191093333
28 players @ EUR 1384322010103333
29 players @ EUR 1387332010104433
30 players @ EUR 1390342010104444