Friday Night Magic – (Standard, Modern and Booster Draft)

Event details

  • June 20, 2019
  • 8:00 am
  • Forbidden Power 83, Misrah il-Barrieri, Msida, MSD1108, Malta
  • (+356) 21 227999

The Weekend in Magic starts on Friday at the weekly event which is the heart and soul of Magic the Gathering; and has been around for most of its lifetime. That’s right! Friday Night Magic!

The main aim of Friday Night Magic is to transform the local Gamestore into a social hub where MTG enthusiasts can meet and hang out in the name of Magic the Gathering. It is open to all MTG players/collectors/enthusiasts from all walks of life, and it is run in thousands of Stores across the Globe!

Various events are organized every Friday as part of the Friday Night Magic series and the only requirements for participation is the love for Magic the Gathering!

However Friday Night Magic is not only about its events! If you would not like to participate in any event you should still feel free to come down to the store, even if just to play a couple of casual games or trade some cards, or simply hang out. Our stores are open till late on Fridays and thus making Friday Night Magic at Forbidden Power the best start to the Weekend!

FNM Events

Each week we schedule 3 different events for FNM as follows:

  • Modern Constructed
  • Standard Constructed
  • Booster Draft

You can join whichever event you like. Each event has a prize allocation and grants Planeswalker Points with a 1x multiplier. Participation Fees vary according to the event.

All FNM events also grant FNM Promos. These are exclusive premium foil cards which are distributed to the top 3 players of each event. The premium foil promo card changes every month.

Event Details

Below you will find the details of the different events we organize for FNM.

Modern Constructed

  • Time: 1900h
  • Fee: €7
  • Format: Modern
  • Minimum Participants: 8
  • Planeswalker Points: 1x Multiplier
Prize Allocation
  • 2x Boosters per player (Distributed as per table below)
  • 3x FNM Promos (Distributed amongst the top 3 players)

Standard Constructed

  • Time: 1900h
  • Fee: €7
  • Format: Standard
  • Minimum Participants: 8
  • Planeswalker Points: 1x Multiplier
Prize Allocation
  • 2x Boosters per player (Distributed as per table below)
  • 3x FNM Promos (Distributed amongst the top 3 players)

Booster Draft

  • Time: 1900h
  • Fee: €10
  • Format: Sealed (booster Draft)
  • Maximum and Minimum Participants: 8
  • Planeswalker Points: 1x Multiplier
Prize Allocation

Prize allocation for Booster Drafts depends on the entry fee paid as follows:

  • €10 – 6 Booster packs (Distributed 3;2;1)
  • 3x FNM Promos (Distributed amongst the top 3 players)
Store Credit Scheme

When winning a Friday Night Magic Draft, players will have the option to not collect their winnings and instead “store them” and use them as part payment for a Friday Night Magic Draft in the following week/s. Players will be given a Prize Card on which to track the number of number of boosters stored. On the following weeks, players will be able to use a total of 3 of their stored boosters to partially pay for their draft on that week. A payment of EUR 4 will still apply in addition to the boosters in order to cover store fees and prizes.

The following rules apply:
  • Players will not be allowed to use their stored packs unless they present their Prize Card on the day of the draft.
  • Players need to use exactly 3 boosters from their stored packs in order to enter a draft with the above method. Players will not be allowed to resort to the above scheme if they have less than 3 stored packs.
  • Winnings will be cumulative from one week to another (i.e. Week 1 won 1 pack, week 2 won 2 packs = 3 packs store credit)
  • Stored boosters will only be valid for drafts of the same set/ edition.
  •  Players will be allowed to redeem their stored packs at any time.

Constructed Tournaments (Own Decks)Total 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th
6 players @ EUR 712531111
7 players @ EUR 7146311111
8 players @ EUR 71663211111
9 players @ EUR 71874211111
10 players @ EUR 72084221111
11 players @ EUR 72285321111
12 players @ EUR 72495331111
13 players @ EUR 72695332211
14 players @ EUR 728106332211
15 players @ EUR 730106442211
16 players @ EUR 732117442211
17 players @ EUR 734117442222
18 players @ EUR 736128442222
19 players @ EUR 738128552222
20 players @ EUR 740139552222
21 players @ EUR 7421410552222
22 players @ EUR 7441410662222
23 players @ EUR 7461511662222
24 players @ EUR 7481612662222
25 players @ EUR 7501713662222
26 players @ EUR 7521814662222
27 players @ EUR 7541915662222
28 players @ EUR 7561915772222
29 players @ EUR 7582015773222
30 players @ EUR 7602016773322
36 players @ EUR 7722418884433