Trading Card Game
Pokemon XY Ancient Origins

Ancient Origins expansion

· 11 New Pokémon-EX, Including 3 New Mega Evolution Pokémon, and 14 New Full-Art Pokémon-EX Cards—Including Mega Tyranitar-EX, Mega Ampharos-EX, and Mega Sceptile-EX, plus full-art Shiny versions of Primal Kyogre-EX, Primal Groudon-EX, and Mega Rayquaza-EX!
· Half Art Cards— Many Pokémon with Ancient Traits have half art cards, where the art extends into and behind the text box.
· 14 Trainer Cards— Many brand-new Trainer cards, a full-art Trainer card, and two new Special Energy cards add new depth and tactics to the Pokémon TCG.
· Booster Packs—Packs of 10 additional cards selected from the expansion.
· Two New Theme Decks—These 60-card preconstructed decks are designed to introduce players to the Pokémon TCG by enabling them to play right away.

XY—Ancient Origins theme decks and booster packs include an in-pack code card that unlocks virtual cards from the XY—Ancient Origins expansion for play in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online at www.pokemon.co.uk/tcgo . This online version of the Pokémon TCG is also now available on iPad via the Apple App Store. The rules are the same for both the paper and online versions, so the Pokémon TCG Online is a great way to continue the fun when your friends aren’t around.


Pokemon XY Ancient Origins Theme Decks
  • Power of the Ancient Days! Ready for some new tricks? Hoopa-EX brings new Mythical power to the Pokemon world, along with fierce new challengers like Mega Tyranitar-EX, Mega Ampharos-EX, and Mega Sceptile-EX!
  • The Pokemon TCG: XY-Ancient Origins expansion transforms ancient secrets into modern battling techniques, with all-new Special Energy cards, new Ancient Traits, and Shiny versions of Primal Kyogre-EX, Primal Groudon-EX, and Mega Rayquaza-EX! The power of the ancients is unbound!
  • The XY7 set list contains 11 new Pokemon-EX, including 3 Mega Evolution Pokemon and a new Mythical Pokemon!
  • This listing is for both theme decks, each deck contains 60 cards for a total of 120 cards, ready to play for you and your friend!
    9-Pocket Pokemon Full-View Pro Binder: Pikachu Album

    9-Pocket Pokemon Full-View Pro Binder: Pikachu Album

    • Archival quality sheets
    • Quality Ultra-Pro design
    • Protect your favorite Pokemon cards




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